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variegated Ivy, white and lilac lizianthus, scented rosemary
and blue anemones.
A classical design of Phalaenopsis Orchids
A shower bouquet of Genista Blossom, Phalaenopsis Orchids,
a garland of jewels and backed with tropical cordyline leaves.
This design has a very classical feel to it and it will enhance
the bridal dress.
A Structured Bouquet with Tropical Leaves
A contemporary bouquet consisting of Aqua pink Roses, Green Cymbidium
orchids, a pink beaded garland and tropical leaves.

There are a wide variety of Cymbidium orchids that gives the bride a choice
of colours for a stunning tropical bouquet.

This design can be carried by the bride or a senior bridesmaid. This is a popular
all year round bouquet.  

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An artistic design comprising of a Willow base, decorated with Berries,
Nuts, Silk Red Roses, Green foliage and a breaded garland of Red Pearls
and mini Red Hearts.
A Modern Design in Red and Green A hand-tie Posy of White Silk Roses
A circular design with White Silk Roses that have been studded with Diamantes,
a crystal beaded garland and entwined with a structured willow edge. This can
also be made with fresh White Akito Roses.
A Continental Hand-Tie Bouquet
A loosely  held Hand-Tie consisting of White Avalanche Roses, Pink
Valerie Roses, Pink Gerberas (which can have a dark or light centre),
loops of china grass and finished with rolled aspidistra leaves.
The stems are half bound with Pink Tuile.
A Cheque Calla Lily Design
A very popular updated design, partly for
its simplistic look and its use of structured
foliage White Crystal Blush Calla Lilies are
its main feature, combined with camellia
leaves, wisps of bear grass, flexie grass and
acacia strands.
Over Arm Design
Based on Green Aspidistra Leaves which have been used
as a backing rolled at the base it shows off the exotic
Orange Mango Calla Lilies combined with Kangaroo Paw.
Easy to hold, with a handle made of wrapped Aspidistra
leaf and studded with gold pins.
A Modern Hand-Tie using Aqua / Akito Roses
Home About Us Contact Us Weddings Valentine & Occasions Funerals Wedding venues Your Comments Links A Classic English Style Bouquet
This is a classic old style English Bouquet consisting of Lilac Roses,
Eucalyptus, Lilac Lizianthus and Scented Lilac Lavender.
A Natural Glitz Bouquet
This a Natural Contemporary
Design in Gnarled Twisted
Willow, Artificial Chocolate
Berries, Chincherinchees
Choco Anthiriums,
Skeltonised Magnolia
Leaves & Ivy.

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